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I grew  up in CamJune Lesley Fox at workbridgeshire  and at the age of seven had my first contact with horses, which led to a lifelong love affair with this animal.

I have always been passionate about animals – domestic or wild, and I have tried to convey this feeling in my paintings. My aim is to convey the beauty, strength and colour of the animal. Some of my paintings are realistic in their presentation, whilst in others I have strayed away from photo-realism, attempting to catch the essence of the animal – be it power, grace or vulnerability.

Largely self-taught as a painter, I did attend a series of classes at Burton Manor on the Wirral, where I received a good insight into the techniques and properties of the various media. Since then I have attended such demos and classes as are relevant to my type of work.

I am a long-standing member of the RSPCA and have exhibited with the Society of Equestrian Artists, the Society of Feline Artists, the Wildlife Art Society International, and the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art.

I have recently extended my painting repertoire to include some abstract townscapes, and am currently working on paintings of ships, inspired by the brilliant books by Patrick O'Brian, and by my new love of cruising - in big and small ships.